November 25, 2019

The It Is Written of tomorrow is here. After 63 years, It Is Written finally has its own home. Previously headquartered in California, the ministry moved to Tennessee in 2014 and began leasing separate office and warehouse spaces in Chattanooga. In September 2019, employees moved into the new building located in Collegedale, Tennessee. The building allows for office, studio and warehouse space to all be under one roof. The space greatly expands and improves the efficiency of studio capabilities and provides room for future growth.

"Another major advantage is the increased ministry effectiveness this move brings us," said John Bradshaw, president of It Is Written. "We can not only do more than ever for God, but we can also now be more efficient than ever."

A grand opening of the new headquarters was held on November 22, 2019. Join us for a photo tour of the building and get a glimpse of your It Is Written ministry.

New Headquarters

It Is Written office building

It Is Written front entrance

It Is Written front walkway

After two years of construction, employees moved into the 41,000 square-foot building in September. The main entrance features a walkway with memorial and tribute bricks purchased by ministry supporters.

Ruth McKee Worship Room

employee worship

Every day begins with worship at It Is Written. Now we have a dedicated worship room in which to do so. The ministry's 40 local employees join in person, with field representatives joining by video.

President's Office

John Bradshaw sits at his desk

The first religious television program to broadcast in color, It Is Written is also the ninth-longest running television program in the United States. Sixty-three years ago, George Vandeman founded It Is Written. Today's president, John Bradshaw, now uses Pastor Vandeman's desk, continuing to share with the world the same message of hope in Jesus.


It Is Written Evangelism department

From left to right, Yves Monnier (the evangelism director), Douglas Na'a (the SALT director), Maria Rayburn (administrative assitant), and Eric Flickinger (the associate speaker) share the gospel all over the world through SALT education, evangelism campaigns, preaching and sharing tools, and mission trips.

Escrito Está

Escrito Esta staff

Escrito Está has been reaching the Spanish-speaking world for 25 years. Through evangelism campaigns and television, radio, online, and print content, Speaker/Director Robert Costa and his team (Junior Reis, left, and Carolina Bonilla, right) work tirelessly to make the gospel message available to as many people as possible.

Information Technology

IT department staff

From left to right, the information technology department is made up of Austin Covrig, Steve Kibwage, Kent Thomas, Josh Cundiff, and Kenny Fluence. In addition to providing technical support for the ministry, the department also creates our mobile apps, creates and maintains the It Is Written websites, and maintains the network that serves It Is Written TV.


volunteers help with a project in the It Is Written classroom

The large classroom will serve many purposes, with a prominent one being the current ingest project. Working with some of the ministry's 80 volunteers, like Chester Caswell (left), Christina Harriman (right) manages the digitization of It Is Written classic programs from magnetic, D2, and Betacam tapes to files that can be reedited and mastered for use on It Is Written TV. Volunteers save the ministry countless dollars and hours of time.

George E. Vandeman Studio and Art & Maria Wilson Studio

film crew working on set in the studio

John Bradshaw filming on set in the studio

From 500 to 5,000 combined square feet, the studios are one of the biggest features of the new building. The additional space allows for multiple sets to be built and stored at a time, saving precious time in media production. The media production department films, produces, and edits It Is Written programming distributed via broadcast and radio stations and It Is Written TV. On average, It Is Written produces over 650 videos each year.

Roland & Virginia McKibbin Master Control

John recording a voice track in the audio control room

a sound engineer monitors recording

John in the master control room

The video master control room is the central point through which all of the It Is Written content is generated and played out for our viewers to see. During recording, staff members monitor video from this room and audio from the adjacent audio control room. The media production department also has the unique ability to send and receive ultra high definition video from the video control room, as well as broadcast live video.

My Place With Jesus

Melissa with a large Dexter stuffed animal

Melissa Bradshaw leads My Place With Jesus, the It Is Written children's ministry that originally began as an interactive website. Since then, it has expanded to offer a smartphone app, a children's Bible, Bible study guides and other study materials, a children's evangelism program, and much more.

Development and Planned Giving & Trust Services

The Development department

The Planned Giving & Trust Services Department

It Is Written is a donor-supported ministry. Ninety-six to 98 percent of the funds that support evangelism, publishing, and media production come from individuals who are passionate about reaching souls for Christ. Planned giving provides estate planning and an array of financial resources for investment. Development also offers updates on the impact donors are making on individual lives through our Impressions magazine, monthly letters, and Partnership weekends.


Lynelle, a customer service rep

a worker on a forklift in the warehouse

The publishing department consists of customer service and shipping. Working together, the teams do everything from creating products to taking orders to shipping items. One of the many ways the new building allows for greater productivity is that all inventory and storage are under one roof.

Creative Services

the Creative Services department

The creative services team impacts everything It Is Written does. They add visual appeal, clarity, and readability to resources, evangelism materials, magazines and newsletters, promotional items, website and social media graphics, mobile apps, event graphics, branding, and more.

Roy & Leona Berglund Museum and Resource Center

some of the museum pieces viewable in the Resource Center

For the first time, It Is Written offers a resource center, where customers can purchase It Is Written printed resources, T-shirts, and other items on-site. This space also doubles as a museum and features old media production equipment, archive documents, and other relics of the ministry's history.